Shikoye Foundation for Farming

Around the world there are so many widows (and in some cases widowers) who are left with no means of supporting and taking care of their children. Majority of these widows live below the poverty level, and it seems like the world has for-gotten about them and the children they care for. AAM Global Mission reaches out to this forgotten group, and helps them with starting small businesses that eventually allow them to live self-sustained lifestyles; through these businesses the widows are able to rise from poverty to become successful small business entrepreneurs. We train these widows to start businesses such as poultry or livestock, farming, agricultural farming and other skills based projects. Our widows are encouraged to establish cooperative business partnerships, in which they are able to empower each other to rise out of poverty. We encourage all our mission partners to support the widows by either, purchasing one goat, cow, pig or a number of chickens. A monthly donation of $100 can help a widow set up a small business. A number of our widows have been able to put their children back in school as a result of being given support through AAM Global Mission’s small business